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Why card data security is important:

  • 90% of reported payment card breaches involve small merchants*
  • Nearly 80% of reported breaches occur in food, beverage and retail businesses*
  • A data breach can cost over $100,000 in penalties
  • 80% of small businesses who experience a data breach go bankrupt or experience severe financial difficulties within two years**

*2012 Trustwave Global Security Report
**Privacy Rights Clearing House

PCI compliance, simplified

Merchant SecureAssist™ makes it easier to achieve and maintain PCI compliance. We guide you through the compliance process, step-by-step, and provide monitoring and reporting to help protect your business from a breach.

Total Protection

Developed in partnership with Trustwave®, a leader in PCI and information security solutions, Merchant SecureAssist is a comprehensive program that provides the tools needed to secure your processing environment.

Simple Process

Merchant SecureAssist takes the complexity out of compliance. From start-to-finish, you’ll be guided, step-by-step, through the compliance process.

Reduced Financial Risk

Merchant SecureAssist includes up to $100,000 in Breach Assistance for certain costs associated with a data breach.


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Becoming Compliant

TrustKeeper® PCI Manager

Your merchants have access to an online portal to manage and monitor the Merchant SecureAssist solution. TrustKeeper PCI Manager includes the PCI Wizard, To Do List, Vulnerability Scan Management, Trustkeeper Agent and Security Policy Advisor, which provides step-by-step guidance through the compliance process. With PCI Manager, merchants can complete the required Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), quickly identify vulnerabilities via scans, generate reports, and develop plans to keep their businesses operating securely.

PCI Wizard

The TrustKeeper PCI Manager guides you through the compliance process one step at a time. This dynamic tool provides only the requirements that are applicable to your business, simplifying the PCI compliance process.

To Do List

PCI Manager’s To Do List tracks the simple, actionable tasks required for compliance. This powerful tool features an ongoing task and reminder list plus recommendations to address vulnerabilities – all in the flow and context of the self-assessment process.

Vulnerability Scan Management

For merchants who are required to perform scans of their card processing environment, Trustwave’s proprietary scanning engine becomes an integral component of compliance. It tests for more than 6,000 network operating system and application vulnerabilities.

Maintaining Compliance

TrustKeeper Agent

The TrustKeeper Agent is a powerful tool that helps monitor your compliance efforts over time. This feature requires a simple two-minute download. It continuously runs in the background, scanning remote locations, detecting prohibited data and helps you stay in accordance with compliance requirements.

Security Policy Advisor

You have access to Trustwave’s Security Policy Advisor, a set of templates, modules and guides to help you develop your own set of documented data security policies and procedures.

Trusted Commerce® Seal and Certificate of Compliance

Once you validate compliance, you can display the Trusted Commerce Seal on your e-commerce or marketing website to assure your customers that your site is secure. A PDF Certificate of Compliance is available quarterly to print and display.

Support and Services

$100,000 Breach Assistance

Breach Assistance is an additional layer of risk reduction included with Merchant SecureAssist. Small to medium sized businesses are hit especially hard by the financial damages associated with a card data breach, which can exceed tens of thousands of dollars. Breach Assistance provides up to $100,000 for certain costs associated with a data breach, including:

  • The mandatory forensic audit required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard when a data breach is suspected (this audit confirms whether an actual breach has occurred and pinpoints where systems are most vulnerable)
  • Credit card replacement costs and related expenses
  • Assessments and fines levied by card associations for data breaches

Online Education

Merchant SecureAssist offers on-demand support material and tutorials. These easy-to-understand tools break down each step of the compliance process.