Payment Solutions for Your Business

every-type-of-business_SubheroYour business isn’t a cookie cutter one size fits all operation. Your payment processing solution shouldn’t be either. Mercury’s merchant services are flexible and diverse. No matter what your business needs are, Mercury strives to meet them. We provide payment processing and value added services for a diverse range of merchants including:

pizza_48 Restaurants

Whether you run a quick serve restaurant, yogurt shop, coffee house, casual or fine dining restaurant, Mercury provides the payment solution that meets your business model and target market. Our solutions are designed to reduce customer wait time with faster transactions. And, you get your processing funds quickly. With Mercury, you get a customized solution that suits the size and type of your business. If you are a franchise operation, our dedicated team helps you onboard each location and reconcile payments across all locations. You get integrated payment solutions that accept tip adjustments, on-site payments, and facilitate transaction reporting.

purse_48 Retail

No matter what type of retail business you run, Mercury understands and caters to your specific needs. Nurseries, florists, groceries, jewelry, power sports, hardware, liquor, shipping, specialty and many other retail stores ranging in size from small and medium to big box choose Mercury for their payment processing. Our full suite of retail specific solutions reduce wait times and enhance the customer experience. With Mercury, you get fast and easy payment processing with integrated value added services including encrypted mobile solutions and devices for on-site payments, advanced funding, excellent customer service and more.

shopping_cart_481 eCommerce/mCommerce

More and more businesses are expanding their reach by establishing an online presence. By facilitating payments online and on the go, Mercury helps merchants reach more customers and accept card-not-present transactions with ease. Our suite of secure, hosted payment solutions accommodate credit and MercuryGift transactions, and ensure your payment solutions never handle sensitive card holder data.

film_reel_48 Entertainment

Theaters, ticketing centers, golf courses, bowling alleys, family entertainment centers, water parks, ski resorts and related businesses are ensured a streamlined payments experience with Mercury. Whether you run an in-store or online presence, we are here to help meet your business needs. With integrated and seamless processing solutions for POS terminals and mobile devices, servicing customer payments is easier than ever. Customized solutions are available to meet your business’ specific requirements.

plan_3_e_48 Auto

Auto, service and parts dealerships and other businesses that deal with high volume transactions get just the right payment processing solution with Mercury. Our solutions accommodate the unique requirements of high volume transactions these types of businesses typically process, by facilitating fast transactions and funding. Whether you own a car dealership or a small body shop, Mercury simplifies payments with integrated payment processing and reporting capabilities. You know what your customers need and we work with you to customize the right payment solution.

scissors_48 Services

Service providers like dry cleaners, car washes, salon, spas, parking lot operators, contractors, taxis and others can accept payments quickly and easily with Mercury. Our integrated payment solutions are designed to help grow your business while providing fast, reliable and secure transactions.

college_48 Education

Whether you run a campus bookstore, oversee recurring tuition payments, or facilitate supporter donations, Mercury’s payment solutions are designed to work for you. From pre-paid debit cards to seasonal accounts, recurring billing and convenience fees, we make it easy for educational institutions, child care centers and K-12 institutes to accept payments anywhere, anytime, and in any fashion. Our integrated payment processing solutions help you accept one-time or recurring payments. With our secure, PCI compliant solutions, you can focus on your task at hand and leave the payment processing to us.

hand_share_48 Non Profit Organizations

Mercury understands the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Our payment processing solutions help simplify the process of accepting donations in a secure manner. Our in-house sales and integration specialists review your organization’s requirements to determine the best solution for you. Automated collection of one-time and recurring online donations is made easy with our proprietary technology MToken™. Fundraising is a click away on an iPhone with our Virtual Terminal solution. Maximize your donations with a myriad of payment types supported by Mercury.

infirmary_48 Healthcare

Mercury understands the complex business environment healthcare providers operate in, and their unique set of requirements for payments. From dental, medical and veterinary practices, to pharmacies and individual service providers, our integrated payment solutions are designed to accept payments in the office or online effortlessly. Mercury also works with partners to provide encrypted mobile payment card readers to healthcare service providers on the move like physical therapists and personal trainers. Customizable payment solutions ensure fast checkout to enhance the payment experience. Our solutions support a wide range of transaction types including FSA, PIN Debit and check processing.

shopping_basket_48 Groceries

Supermarkets and grocery stores, from single stores to national franchisees, benefit from Mercury’s integrated payment processing solutions. Detailed reporting, secure transactions, and reliable customer service are just a few of the offerings you benefit from. Mercury is also a proud member of the National Cooperative Grocery Association (NCGA), the business services cooperative for retail food co-ops located throughout the U.S. We are pleased to be able to pass along some of the benefits of this membership to our customers.

hand_point_48 Kiosk

Mercury accommodates transactions for kiosks, providing customers with the ease and convenience of self-checkout. Mercury’s proprietary encryption solution is embedded in MagTek payment devices that can be used in kiosks to conduct fast, secure payment transactions. Our specialized sales teams help onboard multiple locations onto kiosks quickly and easily.