Payment Devices

Devices-1Integrated payments for the most common transactions and devices

Enjoy the benefits of Mercury’s award-winning payment technology for the payment device you choose for your business.

  • Integrated point-of-sale
  • Electronic cash register
  • Terminals
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile payments
  • EMV – “Chip” cards

POS_Mercury-395wIntegrated Point-of-Sale

Processing technology built into the POS

We build our payment processing technology directly into hundreds of restaurant, retail, and specialized POS systems. We support our solutions directly, providing around-the-clock customer service and POS-specific technical support during regular office hours.

Integrated MercuryPay® payment processing

  • One platform supports fast internet protocol or dial-up processing
  • No, or minimal, hardware or software to purchase and support, saving up to thousands of dollars
  • Supports the most common payment types (credit, debit, check, EBT, and gift)
  • Automated transaction reporting features

ecrs_395wElectronic Cash Registers

Added value at no upfront cost

We make it easy and affordable for merchants using electronic cash registers to get smart payment processing. Datacap’s NoLoad™ products for Mercury deliver ready-to-use integrated solutions for IP, dial-up, or IP with automatic dial backup payment processing. We offer several NoLoad devices – IPTran™, IPTran LT™, IPTran LT Mobile™, DialTran™ and TwinTran™ – at no upfront cost.

  • No purchase required
  • Supports credit, debit, check and tip adjustment
  • Supports Canadian debit and EMV transactions
  • Pre-programmed for fast and easy setup with your cash register
  • Embedded or attached magnetic stripe readers
  • Includes free MercuryGift® card transactions, MercuryStand-In™ authorization service, MercuryLive™ customer support, and MercuryView™ transaction reports

Monthly usage fees apply. No deposit required. NoLoad DialTran™, NoLoad IPTran™, NoLoad IPTran LT™, NoLoad IPTran Mobile™ and NoLoad TwinTran™ are trademarks of Datacap Systems, Inc. Copyright ©2013 by Datacap Systems Inc. All rights reserved.


Another way to enjoy Mercury service and support

We offer a variety of terminals that enable credit, debit, MercuryGift, EBT processing and tip adjustment. Terminals are not connected to the POS or ECR. Instead, they send transactions directly to us.

  • IP or dial processing
  • Several models available
  • Pre-loaded software for quick setup
  • Terminal specific support, 24/7
  • Most support MercuryGift, MercuryStand-In, and MercuryView reports
  • Option for chain enterprises with various POS/ECR systems
  • Choice of Mercury-programmed terminals or we can reprogram existing terminals


Easy, online transactions

Our robust eCommerce solutions harness the power of the internet for increased sales. Whether processing just credit, or credit and MercuryGift, our technology makes online transactions easy.

  • Secure credit and gift card processing for web stores
  • Supports a wide variety of shopping carts
  • Easy implementation

VirtualTerminal-395wMobile Devices

Payments on the go

Accept payments securely from any internet enabled device with Mercury’s mobile payment solution. Built with the simple functionality of a terminal, Mercury VirtualTerminal™ is fully secure and enables you to get paid quickly and efficiently. Access our virtual terminal for free, including our iOS app. Add an iDynamo card reader to your device and you can swipe payment cards on the go.

  • Protects card data per PCI DSS requirements
  • Signature capture
  • Email transaction receipts
  • Card swipe or manual keyed entry